Forward Paducah

Mardie Herndon Believes the Best is Yet to Come For Paducah!

Mardie Herndon and his wife, Jennifer, know that Paducah is a wonderful place! The Herndons moved to Paducah four years ago, and today, Mardie often finds himself referring to Paducah as “the best small town in America!”

“Paducah is a wonderful place,” Mardie says. “Jennifer and I quickly realized that this was a community with an intimate yet empowering energy. During our multiple visits to the market, it became obvious that something special is happening here. It was easy to see our future in Paducah and to acknowledge that our investment as committed citizens could have real impact on this region. Paducah has lived up to its potential.”

Potential just might be the operative word as Mardie Herndon assumes the role of Chairman of the Board of Paducah Economic Development (PED) for the next two years. His viewpoint from this place of economic leadership can be found in a simple statement: The best is yet to come.
Mardie Herndon

“I believe our best days are in front of us,” the new board chair comments. “We have momentum on our side in Paducah. There is movement and positivity among our investors which provide the very foundation of new growth and creative innovation. We have a level of confidence that will allow us to approach our opportunities from a position of strength. To borrow from the title of our recently commissioned long-range plan, we are witnessing Forward Paducah.”

The plan is outlined on the Paducah Economic Development website. It was completed a year ago and identifies economic segments and potential areas of development, which the organization plans to utilize as forces of economic advancement.

“PED has great partners to work with as we move this plan forward,” Mardie explains. “These are the people and PADUCAH companies in our community who will be the drivers of many cooperative initiatives. From healthcare to transportation to the retail industry to ambitious entrepreneurs, we plan to cultivate every asset in both talent and technology in order to build and sustain an economic environment that will serve us well into the future.”

To substantiate this optimism, Mardie points to the recent growth in the population segment of 25-40-year-old professionals, the outstanding availability of public and private education in the community, and the city’s ever-growing healthcare systems, all overlaid with Paducah’s award-winning tourism industry and recent UNESCO Creative City designation. “If you look at this region’s growth in the last decade in a myriad of segments, it’s obvious that many visionary leaders have brought us to this point of distinction. We just have to maintain the momentum. And that is precisely what we intend to do.”