Chef Sara Bradley

Sara Bradley and Terry Bradley

Chef Sara Bradley cares about her carbon footprint— even when it comes to banking. And she should.  Freight House relies heavily on the health of its local environment. While she hesitates to call her food “farm-to-table,” Bradley says she sources as many ingredients as possible for her southern- inspired dishes.

“I prefer the way my grandparents ate,” she says. “You ate things when they were in season, and you ate local food. You didn’t use massive amounts of gasoline to buy things that came from very, very far away. You didn’t have this huge impact on our environment.”

Chef Sara Bradley

Since Bradley cares about the amount of gas used to transport her tomatoes, she also cares about the amount of paper used to run her business. She says Terry Bradley (no relation) gets it. Treasury Management Services designed her banking system so every transaction she makes happens online. The young chef especially loves paying her employees through direct deposit.

“It’s one less hassle that I have to worry about,” she says. “It’s also really nice because here at the Freight House, we only use recycled paper, and we don’t waste anything. So, it’s great to know that Treasury Management is on the same page with me as far as doing everything electronically.”