Working With Paducah Bank Is Just A COOL Way To Do Business!


“Market House Theater has over 30 years of experience working with Paducah Bank,” says Michael Cochran, Executive Director of the award-winning Market House Theater in Paducah. “As a community organization, the theater, like many others, has benefited from Paducah Bank’s focus on community development in educational programming, in historic preservation, and in local business growth.” 

That’s where the Paycheck Protection Program came in a few weeks ago. The Market House Theater (MHT) realized that the healthcare crisis that was striking at the heart of every company in the community would soon have a significant effect on the theater’s bottom line. “We knew we would need to get the organization through the next few months. We took a major blow to our finances, just like others, when the quarantine was announced. We quickly realized that we would need assistance to get through the drought that would result from having the theater completely closed.” 

Sarah Suitor stepped in to help and worked with Michael to prepare the theater’s application and to complete all the paperwork necessary to make application for the SBA program through Paducah Bank. “Sara helped us each step of the way,” Michael says. “Her help made it possible for us to bring back several furloughed staff members and to help us pay utilities and insurance costs until we can reopen. We are extremely grateful to Paducah Bank for all their help and advice.” 

But the partnership between these two respected organizations is nothing new, as Michael mentioned earlier. “Over the past year, we have worked closely with Sarah Suitor, Melinda Winchester, and Blake Vandermuelen on several different needs with regard to our multi-million dollar Next Stage Project. They consulted with us on financing and tax credits for the development project. They also continuously help us to manage multiple operational accounts. And of course, getting free ice cream at some of our youth camps and classes is just, well, a cool way of doing business with your banking clients! What else can we say?