When We Say Personal Relationships We Mean It!

   Hunt Rounsavall, Jr. sincerely cares about his company, his community, and his banker’s ability to bake and to provide self-deprecating humor on occasion—all this in addition to her financial skills as his personal banker.

    Felisha Dowdy not only worked with Hunt to get a Paycheck Protection Program loan with the help of Paducah Bank, she also baked up some fresh-from-the-oven bread and apparently expressed to Hunt her lack of other domestic skills when she relayed a story about trying to wash her windows only to be unable to return them to their previous location. “Hunt has a great sense of humor. I’m always happy to provide the material,” laughed Felisha.

    It just goes to show that you should NEVER underestimate the abilities and the assets that come along with a relationship at Paducah Bank.

    “I’ve known Felisha for over ten years, and she embodies everything a small business owner would want in a banker. She’s exceptionally bright, personable, and always has a creative solution to any financial situation. It’s such a comfort to know that I never have to worry about my accounts because she’s always monitoring them. Should any issues arise, Felisha has usually resolved them by the time I’m even aware,” explained Hunt, owner of Rounsavall Title Group, LLC of Louisville.

    “I’ve heard from many colleagues that they had difficulty with the PPP applications, but Felisha and Paducah Bank made it very easy. Not only did she take the time to reach out to me to make sure I was aware of my company’s eligibility, but she also identified all of the documentation required prior to submitting our application. She was able to react quickly to some of the initial technical hiccups with the program and still got my application approved within 24 hours. You just can’t ask for better service than that.”

    Hunt is happy to have Paducah Bank in Louisville, not only to serve his banking needs, but also for their contributions to the community even in the two short years they have been in his hometown. “They have been sensational since coming to Louisville,” Hunt commented. “Paducah Bank has been very supportive of my business since day one, and they have demonstrated their long-term commitment to the Greater Louisville community. I look forward to working with them for years to come!”