What SCAM is going around?


We are getting a lot of calls from customers about an Xfinity scam.

Customers are being offered a deal that puts money in the scammer’s pocket. Imposter scams have become scammers’ default scheme for defrauding their victims. They pretend to be everything from the IRS to Amazon.

The latest imposter scam impersonates Xfinity. Local Xfinity customers are getting phone calls from people claiming to be from the cable company, offering them a money-saving deal.

The scam involves a phone call from someone claiming to be from Xfinity, offering to save you 50% on your cable bill for two years. The only catch, is they require you to pay for one year of service upfront, over the phone.”

And these particular scammers are pretty clever, coming up with a reason the victims are told to pay the money using gift cards, which many people now recognize as a sign of a scam. Some victims told police the scammer told them that Xfinity had a joint promotion with the retailer and the deal was only available if you paid with Target gift cards.

‘If it’s too good to be true…’

If you are instructed by anyone from any company to provide payment to them in gift cards over the phone, please hang up with them and contact your service provider either in person, or at a telephone number that you are familiar with. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The fact that scammers are targeting Xfinity subscribers also suggests the bad guys have access to the company’s subscriber data. If you are an Xfinity customer, stay alert!

We understand it can sometimes be difficult to tell what is real and what is not. Our advice is to not respond to these type of calls, texts, or mailers and to never share personal information. When in doubt, give us a call. Often the scammer will make it seem like you have to act that very minute or something bad is going to happen. Don’t fall for it. We are here to help! Call us directly at 270.575.5700.