We are Paducah's Bank!


PB web kind compassion communityAt Paducah Bank, we consider ourselves to be “Paducah’s Bank.” A large part of that belief comes from our commitment to serving our community through volunteerism and non-profit involvement. You’ve more than likely seen Paducah Bank employees out working in the community with groups like Paducah Cooperative Ministry, Habitat for Humanity, The United Way, etc. Last year, 125 employees served more than 3,754 volunteer hours in our community!

Our generous employees don't stop there. In addition to donating their time, Paducah Bank employees also consistently go above and beyond in their financial support of these organizations. For example, 2015 marks our nineteenth consecutive year of having 100% employee participation in our United Way Campaign. Of our 125 participating employees, 90% pledged their "Fair Share" of an hour's wage or more per month. Eleven earned the designation of "Leadership Givers" by pledging at least $1,000. The total dollar amount donated by our employees this year was $41,067 combined with the bank’s generous $10,000 gift, Paducah Bank’s United Way Campaign grand total  for 2015 comes to $51,067. That’s definitely something to make you say “Wow”!