WOW! Magazine: The Arias Family


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When Gus Arias and Maria Moreno  came to Paducah, their first priority was to perfect their English in order to obtain good paying jobs. Now, ten years later, they are thinking about their seven-year-old daughter.

With her future in mind, Gus and Maria decided it was time to establish deeper roots in the community where their daughter could grow and flourish. So when the opportunity to purchase a home presented itself, they went to Paducah Bank.

“Paducah Bank gave us the best choice in town,” said Gus. “Ms. Janice was so nice and helpful. She is a regular customer at the restaurant where my wife works, and the two of them have become good friends. We have been banking with Paducah Bank for almost eight years now.”

It was a pleasure to work with Gus and Maria!  I was so glad to have the opportunity.

The day Maria stopped by my office to talk about possibly buying a home and then seeing the smile on her face when she left was awesome. They are such a nice couple and both have worked very hard to get where they are today. I was so glad to be a part of helping make their dream come true.  —Janice Cleary, Loan Officer

It was vital to Gus and Maria that their home be a place where their loved ones were able to come and be an integral part of their everyday lives. They are a close-knit family, and their home is the center of family celebrations, decisions, and conversations.

Gus and Maria couldn’t be happier with their purchase. Their cozy, brick home is nestled in a good neighborhood that the couple likes. They also enjoy doing some home repairs—making their space more comfortable for the entire family.

“Buying this house has made a big difference (to our family),” said Gus. “The extra room that we now have—the big kitchen to cook in and the big backyard—has brought our family together.”

Not only is the family enjoying the extra space, now Gus has room for a workshop in the backyard. When he has a few spare minutes he enjoys building things with metal and wood and working on projects for the house.

And there’s even some talk about a swimming pool for his daughter in the future! “Thanks to my family, and thanks to Paducah Bank for letting us become a part of your beautiful community,” said Gus.

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