WOW! Carol Bond is a Gold Medal Winner


Carol Bond Finds Running Provides Health, Clarity . . . And A Claim to Fame!

Carol is a Paducah Bank Commercial Relationship Manager AND a gold medal winner . . . in her own right.

They’re not Olympic gold, but they ARE truly meaningful to her purposeful point of taking up running several years ago.

“I started running to exercise more,” Carol explains. “The running community was very welcoming and encouraging.  Runners provided tips and my husband joined me in the training and racing.  It was easier to run regularly when we had a race to train for.”

Carol and her husband also loved traveling to interesting cities and enjoyed the camaraderie with other participants as they embarked on their new physical and mental endeavor. 

It wasn’t long before Carol’s competitive spirit took hold on an international scale and she began the undertaking of becoming one of the Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Star finishers. Six Star Finishers are recognized for completing six of the Abbott Marathons in Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York. In 2022, the Abbott World Marathon Majors ended its Series XIV with 8,143 Six Star Finishers from 104 nations. In 2023, Carol Bond not only became one among those ranks, she became the ONLY women over 55 from Kentucky to complete all six!

“I learned just before the race in Japan that a Kentucky woman had finished all six, but was a little late claiming the sixth star. There were four Kentucky women (including me) running in Tokyo,” Carol explains. “Then I got the news that I was the only woman over 55 to complete the six major marathons.  It’s wonderful to be the first – a dream come true.”

Carol’s enthusiasm for running also took her to other unexpected associations along the way.  “Among our running experiences, we met Rebekah Gregory, founder of Rebekah’s Angels,” Carol adds.  Rebekah was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing and lost her leg, ultimately enduring 75 surgeries.  Her young son was also injured and suffered from PTSD. 

“She founded Rebekah’s Angels to provide therapy and counseling to children with PTSD,” Carol says.  “It’s a wonderful organization making an important difference in children’s lives.  So we helped to raise over $20,000 for Rebekah’s Angels which allowed us to earn bibs for the Boston Marathon.”

Carol’s first marathon was in 2014.  Since then, Carol says that not only has her health and endurance improved, but that the experience of running has also given her a better sense of mental health. “Running relieves stress and at times, I’ve found clarity and solutions for issues I didn’t realize I was struggling with.  I’ve met interesting people, built lasting friendships, helped others, and been helped by many.  Best of all, it doesn’t matter how fast you run.  And, truth be told, I don’t mind the bling that comes with each finish line!”