Use Your Debit Cards to Help River City Mission


PB web swipe & serve

The River City Mission is our fourth quarter Swipe and Serve recipient organization. River City Mission averages feeding and housing 55 to 65 people on a daily basis throughout the year. The Mission prepares three meals a day for individuals and families of all ages, including children, and serves more than 3,000 meals each month. Their work is supported entirely by donations with a budget of approximately $150,000. Thanks to the Paducah Bank Swipe and Serve program, you too can play an important part in helping to feed the hungry in our community. It's as easy as swiping your debit card! Just use your Paducah Bank personal debit card as a signature-based transaction, and Paducah Bank will make a financial contribution to River City Mission for each swipe. Together, we can meet and hopefully surpass our quarterly goal of $7,500 for this worthy cause.