Two Single Moms Buy Homes with Zero Down Payment


USDA woman2USDA woman1
Katrina Madding is a single mom working two jobs to support her family. She just bought her first home after nine years of renting ... with NO DOWN PAYMENT! Aundrea Wilson is also a single mom who just bought her first home after eight years of renting ... with NO DOWN PAYMENT! How did they do that? With the help of Paducah Bank, both women were able to secure USDA loans (also called a Rural Development Loan) for their purchases.  The USDA Loan is a government insured home loan that offers 100% financing to qualified buyers. USDA offers some the lowest rates of any loan and always has a fixed interest rate. If you would like more information about USDA loans or any loan from Paducah Bank, please contact any of our WOW Lenders at 270.575.5700

We are so pleased to have been able to assist these women in achieving their dreams of homeownership and to help them build futures for their families!