Two New Business Owners Are Setting The Barre High


Sisters-in-law Amanda Esper and Mary Hunter Hancock had a vision to refashion the workout culture in Paducah. Both loved taking barre classes while on family vacations together to the beach, and both agreed Paducah needed a “boutique” workout facility that resembled the ones they visited. They worked together to find a company that would provide them the means they needed in Paducah, and Barre Co. was established.

To establish their new business, Amanda and Mary Hunter worked closely with Paducah Bank. “They went above and beyond to make sure every service need was met. Anytime we had a question, it was answered in minutes,” says Amanda. Mary Hunter agrees and loves the quality of customer service Paducah Bank offers. “They are just an email or text away!”

Bringing barre to Paducah was more than building and funding the business. Amanda and Mary Hunter also had to educate the people of Paducah about the exercise. Often misunderstood as ballet, barre is much more intertwined with other workout forms. Though ballet-inspired, the workout technique incorporates pilates, dance, weight work, and aerobics. Together, the movements are performed to choreography and upbeat music. “It is really about these tiny isometric movements,” says Amanda about the muscle areas barre targets. With so many functions and varieties in technique, men and women alike will find enjoyment. “We have runners, crossfitters, and yogis!” Amanda emphasizes. “It is a workout for everyone!”

What makes Barre Co. unique is Amanda and Mary Hunter’s dedication to individualizing everyone’s workout experience. “We are trying to do things that go beyond the average gym,” says Amanda. Whether it is picking up the exercise tools or helping to customize a workout that meets their customer’s needs, Amanda and Mary Hunter are devoted to catering to everyone’s experience. When asked about their goals for Barre Co., both agree that they want each and every customer to meet his or her individual physical and mental goals through the unique workout of barre.