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General Summary/Purpose

The Trust Relationship Administrator is responsible for administration of assigned accounts, including but not limited to, compliance with governing document(s), investments, distributions, and reports to Director of Trust Relationships.  The Trust Relationship Administrator is also a partner of PBAT & CO (the Bank’s nominee partnership) and is approved to sell, purchase, and transfer securities. 

Key Duties and Responsibilities

 Responsibility 1: Administration and Customer Relations

Performs continuing administration of assigned accounts, including revocable and irrevocable trusts, estates, investment management/advisory accounts, conservatorships, custody, employee benefit, and escrow accounts.  Considers, and authorizes when appropriate, distributions to beneficiaries, payment of appropriate bills, coordinating the timely filing of tax returns, overseeing investment management review and implementation, coordinating real estate management, and all other usual and customary duties required to administer estates and trusts.  Prepares and presents annual administrative and investment reviews.  Reviews and submits to Operations the paperwork for asset purchases and sales relative to account investments.  Provides the communications and educational link with beneficiaries regarding administration, investments, accountings, and tax reporting.  Acts as the primary contact with clients and professionals in the ongoing administration of the account.  Serves as backup as needed and requested for Trust Relationship Managers within the department. 


Responsibility 2: Compliance

Keeps informed of new trust-related developments, policies, laws, and regulations concerning personal trust administration, employee benefit plans, trust planning, and general fiduciary account administration.  Maintains working knowledge of master documents of preferred vendors.


Responsibility 3: Investment Management

Coordinates with retained investment advisors and mutual fund companies to ensure the investment services offered clients fulfill the investment goals and objectives established and the expenses are contained within approved limits.


Education, Training, and Skills Required

 Bachelor of Science degree or three plus years of Trust/business experience

  1. Three plus years' experience managing personal account relationships and dealing in an environment of confidentiality
  2. Knowledge equivalent to that necessary for a Series 7 security license
  3. Cannon Financial Institute Trust graduate
  4. Financial aid lending
  5. Knowledge of accounting
  6. Knowledge of current Trust, estate and gift laws
  7. Ability to read and accurately interpret legal documents
  8. Excellent verbal, written, presentation, and organizational skills
  9. Strong influencing skills
  10. Ability to manage time effectively, to include meeting deadlines consistently
  11. Analytical and interactive skills
  12. Experience in providing superior client service and willing to deal with conflict when necessary
  13. Proficient computer skills
  14. A proven record of achievement
  15. Strong personal trust and relationship management
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