The Wow! Wagon Helps HLOES Students Celebrate Life and Earth Day


with Texas Roadhouse mascotEarth Day kids

Earth Day Kids

kids planting trees for Earth Day

We were thrilled to share a very special Earth Day with the students at Hendron Lone Oak Elementary School! Paducah Bank was there with our Wow! Wagon handing out free ice cream to kids, teachers, and parents who were all gathered to celebrate the Earth and children who had been lost too early in life. The students celebrated by planting an oak tree in memory of these children. Their names were written on pieces of paper and buried in the roots of the tree. Each student participated in the planting by pouring a cup of dirt into the hole. The idea for this event came from Joelle and Ryan Long who lost their daughter, Oakleigh, at two months old. The Longs are also working with HLOES to expand and improve the current school playground. This tree will stand at the heart of what will become "Oakleigh's Playground" in honor of their daughter. Special thanks go to James Sanders Nursery for donating the tree and Texas Roadhouse for their support!