Suphat Yoopensuk Found A New Life And A Career In Kentucky Paducah Bank Teen of the Week 2015


Suphat Yoopensuk is an Information Technology Specialist with Peel & Holland in Murray. Suphat oversees the daily performance of IT systems and maintains and administers computer networks to make sure they are being utilized in the most efficient way. “I enjoy providing a positive IT experience to my team members,” Suphat comments. “After several years of experience in technical support and customer service, I’m continuously driven by my belief that anything can be achieved if you put your heart into it.”

Suphat holds a BS Degree in telecommunications and system management from Murray State University and was named the Paducah Bank Teen of the Year in 2015. Suphat lives in Murray and spends his time away from work learning about new technology gadgets, playing with Millie his Beagle, and traveling.

When Suphat was just a middle-schooler living in his home city of Bangkok, Thailand, he was given a choice. He parents told him he could stay in Bangkok with his father and family where everything was familiar, or he could uproot and move to Murray, Kentucky, with his mother and stepfather where he knew no one and barely spoke the language.  Suphat chose Murray.

“When we came here Suphat could not even speak English at all, not at all. I cannot believe he can pass with all A and B grades!” Suphat’s mother, Mayuraporn Crittendon, said of Suphat’s experience since the family arrived in Kentucky.  Despite the fact that Suphat’s English language skills were minimal at best when he started high school at Murray, he pushed himself, taking honors and AP classes while also juggling spots on the varsity tennis and soccer teams, as well as restaurant and construction jobs after school.

Rather than using his savings to buy a car and putting his paychecks in his gas tank, Suphat chose to ride is bike everywhere. It meant more money for college, and he also just enjoyed riding.

Though Suphat had to work harder than most to make it to the top of his class, he doesn’t for one minute regret his decision to come to Kentucky. As he said in his Teen of the Week interview in 2015, he knew it was the best choice, even if it wasn’t the easiest.