Snap. Deposit. Spend.


Paducah Bank offers a mobile deposit service for customers. The Snap Deposit feature is a part of the bank’s mobile banking app. This app allows Paducah Bank customers to make deposits from their mobile phones.

The app has a “deposit checks” button that can be accessed from the menu at the bottom left of the screen. Once selected, the customer will choose make a deposit.  Snap a picture of the front and back of your check, enter the amount and choose which account you want to deposit into if you have multiple.

The app will determine whether the photo is of good quality and that the back of the check is signed. Deposits made before 5:00 PM CST will be credited to your account the same day.  The service is free for all consumer account types.

“This feature of our mobile banking services is just one more way we can make it easy for our customers to do their banking on their own terms and in their own timeframe,” Guess added. “Paducah Bank is consistently seeking out ways we can create and deliver products and services that fit the lifestyle of our customers. We believe that is one of our greatest assets as a local bank; that we can continuously evaluate what’s going on in our market, our community, and the lives of our customers so we can fit our products to their unique needs.”