Sign up for Total Identity Monitoring & SecureMobile!

Below are the 🔟 steps to follow if you’re starting from the beginning (not currently enrolled in Total Identity Monitoring).
✅ Register for Total Identity Monitoring at
✅ Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a link and temporary password to complete enrollment
✅ Click the link, enter the temporary password and then you will be prompted to create a new password
Congratulations!  🙌 You’re now registered for Total Identity Monitoring.
✅ Once you’re in the Total Identity Dashboard, click the SecureMobile tab
✅ Click the start button on the SecureMobile page and you will receive an email will a voucher code 
✅ Download SecureMobile from the app store (see attached app icon for reference)

✅ Open the SecureMobile app and click the “Register” button (No PIN required for first-time registration)

✅ Use the voucher code provided in email to complete registration
✅ You will be prompted to create a unique PIN as you complete enrollment
✅ Once completed, you can sign into your SecureMobile app using your new PIN
*SecureMobile Cell Phone Protections begins 30 days after enrollment.