Scam Alert!

We have received reports this afternoon of text messages to some of our customers from someone claiming to be VISA and saying their BANK debit card has been restricted and they provide a number to call to reactivate it.  This is a scam.  It appears as if it is a generic text message that is being sent to a large number of people. No bank name is listed. It just says "your bank debit card." Remember that Paducah Bank will NEVER ask for your password, account numbers, or Debit Card number in an unsolicited email or phone call. We already know your accounts numbers and your password is secret, even to us. Paducah Bank will NOT initiate an email pertaining to your accounts or containing any other sensitive information. Please call us at 270.575.5700  if you ever receive a request for personal information that claims to be us or that concerns you in any way.