Plato's Closet


platos closet2Do you have teenagers at home? Are their closets bursting with expensive clothes that they’ve only worn a few times and then forgotten about? Then you need to check out Plato’s Closet across from Texas Roadhouse in Paducah.

Plato’s Closet is a chain of about 400 clothing stores operating across the country and catering specifically to trendy teenagers and young adults. They carry all the major cool brands like American Eagle, Buckle, and Hollister that are staples of every fashionable young person’s wardrobe. But if Paducah already has American Eagle, Buckle, and Hollister stores, why do we need a Plato’s Closet too? For one very important reason – price.

At Plato’s Closet you can get name brand, gently used, trendy clothes for 50%-70% off regular retail prices. It’s not a consignment shop or a thrift store. It’s a completely different breed of clothing store. Let’s say you are one of those people with a surplus of excellent clothes in your closet. Load them up and take them to Plato’s Closet. You could walk away with cash! There’s no need to wait for the clothes to sell from the store before you get paid. Likewise, if you are in the market for some hot new items for your wardrobe, go down to Plato’s Closet and stock up on the most recent trends and your favorite brands for much less than you would spend at a retail store.

“Imagine paying $40 for a pair of $150 jeans that you would normally have to drive to Nashville to find,” co-owner Amberly Craig explains. “That’s what you get at Plato’s Closet – only the best.”

Amberly and her husband David along with her parents, David and Gail Pope, are the owners of the new Plato’s Closet store in Paducah. “Owning my own business has always been a dream of mine,” Amberly says. “My husband and I both have an entrepreneurial spirit. His parents actually own one of the most successful Plato’s Closet stores in the country. I’ve always admired their store and the concept of Plato’s Closet. It seemed like a perfect fit for Paducah, especially since so many people around her are willing to travel to Clarksville and Bowling Green to find the nearest store. There’s a clear demand here that we are excited about meeting, and we were thrilled to find that Chase Venable at Paducah Bank shared our vision and enthusiasm for the project as well! We already had our personal accounts at Paducah Bank and were very happy there. But, like everyone else, we wanted to shop around and make sure we got the best deal when it came to our business loan. It turns out that Paducah Bank was the best choice in that department too!”

Plato’s Closet is now open in Paducah but only for buying purposes right now. “It’s a bit of a process to open one of these stores – but it’s worth it!” according to Amberly. “It takes about 6-8 weeks to fully stock up on inventory before we open to sell. Part of the reason it takes some time is that we have such strict criteria for the clothes we buy. That’s how we ensure quality and satisfied customers. So, we only buy clothes that are less than 18 months old, have no damage, and very little wear. They have to be from a brand name retailer and fit the style of our targeted demographic: 12-24 year-old guys and girls.”

If you can’t wait to try out Plato’s Closet (and you aren’t alone), they will be open for selling by late November – just in time for Christmas shopping! If you can’t wait that long to check it out, you can always stop by with some clothes to sell. No appointment is necessary and they are always buying! To stay updated on their grand opening plans, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and sign up to receive emails through their website,

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