Paducah Bank announces "Swipe and Heal"




Paducah Bank is pleased to announce a modification to its 2017 Swipe and Serve program. The bank began the Swipe and Serve program four years ago to provide funds to local organizations that feed the hungry.  With each signature-based debit card transaction that customers make, the bank sets aside a contribution for these organizations. This year, Paducah Bank will designate a portion of those contributions for the new Swipe and Heal program, an initiative specifically to support the students and families affected by the tragedy at Marshall County High School.

“Today, we announce our effort to support the healing process for the Marshall County High School family,” said Paducah Bank President Mardie Herndon.  “Healing is not an event, it is not quick, it is not random, nor can it occur without intentional effort.  Our Swipe & Heal program will provide designated funds in an effort to empower resources that will facilitate steps toward the healing process. We are inspired by the resiliency, compassion and hope that our communities share, and we are pleased to be able to provide what we feel will be meaningful support to our Marshall County neighbors.”

With each signature-based debit card transaction that Paducah Bank customers make, the bank will set aside a contribution for Marshall County High School or for an organization suggested by the high school.

“Paducah Bank has several employees who reside in Marshall County,” said Herndon.  “They suggested the idea as a way to unite Paducah Bank customers and employees in our common desire to provide support.”