Paducah Bank Teen Ambassadors to Serve as Tutors for Kids of Lourdes COVID Employees

 As students head back to school in its many forms in 2021, many parents are seeking much-needed assistance to support their children who are often studying at home. The Paducah Bank Teen Ambassadors saw a way to help and are offering their tutoring skills to families who could use a little academic support.  
Nineteen students from the bank's Teen Ambassador Program have volunteered to offer free tutoring services to the children of Lourdes Hospital’s COVID employees. 
The high school students represent McCracken County High School, Paducah Tilghman High School, Marshall County High School, and Community Christian Academy, and offer tutoring for elementary, middle, and high school students.  The tutoring sessions will be offered online.
“We provided the hospital a list of tutors and contact information,” said Morgan Guess, a member of the Paducah Bank Ambassador Alumni Board. “Tutors have chosen their areas of expertise and are offering their services to students who may need help in those subjects.” 
"Paducah Bank always been quick to see what’s needed in our community and to reach out to help in any way they can," said Guess. "As Teen Ambassadors, we are proud to represent the bank and to help our healthcare heroes and their families. We can't wait to get started."
Jessica Toren, President of the Mercy Health Foundation-Lourdes, reached out to the bank with the idea. "We are working to support our employees, who are working long hours during the pandemic," said Jessica. "While asking our associates how we could best support them, the need for tutoring services came up often. Many of our associates work 12-hour shifts, and it can be a struggle to help with homework after a very long day. We reached out to the Paducah Bank Teen Ambassadors and were thrilled when they offered to help our employee families. This is one burden we can help ease for our employees.”
“I applaud our creative, thoughtful and generous group of Paducah Bank Teen Ambassadors,” said Paducah Bank President Mardie Herndon.  “Supporting education has always been central to our community involvement and this effort vividly illustrates our appreciation for those on the frontline of the pandemic. Challenging times require creativity and kindness...our Ambassadors have answered this most unique call to action. I’m proud of our partnership with Mercy Lourdes and appreciate those serving to help those in need.”