Paducah Bank Newsletter 4/22/2022

In recent weeks, Paducah Bank has been made aware of customers receiving calls from what appeared to be the bank’s phone number. The caller says the account has been compromised and asks the customer to verify fake transactions and if the customer cannot, suggests a change of password, or asks for a user name for online banking, etc. These are NOT representatives of Paducah Bank and we want all our customers to be on the ALERT to NEVER provide any personal information about your account over the phone which might allow these fraudsters to access accounts! 
To enhance the level of protection of your account, Paducah Bank will require Two Factor Authentication for any transactions that results in funds leaving your account.  Beginning May 6, 2022, Two Factor Authentication will be required for all Paducah Bank online accounts.  The next time you log into your account on or after May 6, 2022, you will be prompted to enroll in Two Factor Authentication.  Two Factor Authentication will be required for Bill Payments and P2P (Wow Pay).

How to Add a Layer of protection

To add a layer of security to your account, we encourage you to add Two Factor Authentication today. Instructions are listed below to add it now.  Beginning May 6, 2022, it will be required for all Paducah Bank online accounts.
Here’s how to get started. When you log into your online banking account, you will see this banner.  Click on the banner (inside online banking) to add two-factor authentication.

Announcing Two Factor Authentication.  Click to enable

Click on “Submit a Form”
Click “Two Factor Authentication”
Enter your user name and password and click the “I agree” button.
Click on the Submit button
You will receive an alert that you have a message in your online banking account. Log in and you will be prompted on how to complete the Two Factor Authentication.

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