Paducah Bank Named 1 of America’s Strongest Banks

Paducah, KY - July 2022: Paducah Bank, Paducah, Kentucky has once again earned a top (5-Star) rating from BauerFinancial, Inc., the Nation’s Premier Bank Rating Firm. Paducah Bank has earned a level of credibility that can only be fostered over time. Working together with community members toward common objectives has proven Paducah Bank to be a valued and committed partner.
While building trust in the community, Paducah Bank has also excelled financially. In fact, Paducah Bank has just received its 52nd straight 5-Star Rating from BauerFinancial. To earn Bauer’s 5-Star rating, Paducah Bank soared through Bauer’s in-depth, independent analysis of its financial condition. And that’s not all. Paducah Bank also earned the added distinction of “Exceptional Performance Bank”, a designation reserved solely for those banks that have earned this top rating for 40 (or more) consecutive quarters. Paducah Bank has earned Bauer’s top 5-Star rating continuously since October 2009.
“When we say Paducah Bank has been building trust, we mean just that. Through hard work, Paducah Bank has built a level of credibility over time, both with Bauer and its customers. That’s high praise,” commends Karen Dorway, president of BauerFinancial. “Neighbors and friends should have a sense of security knowing that their bank, Paducah Bank, has reached this level of confidence.”
Paducah Bank has been providing a source of strength and stability for its community for 74 years. In that time, Paducah Bank has never lost sight of who keeps it in business. A friendly and caring staff is always available, whether in person, by phone or on its website:
Paducah Bank: “WOW!”
Member FDIC   Equal Housing Lender
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