Paducah Bank Director Dr. Kyle Turnbo Recognized as Patriotic Employer

Dr. Kyle Turnbo with Healthworks Medical in Paducah was honored with a Patriotic Employer award recognizing support of National Guard and Reserve service. The award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense was for his support to one of his employees, Major Patrick Howell, who recently returned from a year-long deployment to Poland.  For those deployed overseas, having support from their employers can make a world of difference.

"Being deployed, there's so many stressors that you're dealing with, from family and social obligations and things you're just trying to balance every day. Just knowing that your job isn't one of those and you're gonna' be able to come back right where you left off is huge, and it really means a lot," Howell said. 
Turnbo said it's important to be flexible and selfless when employing those in the National Guard and Reserves.
"World crises and pandemics don't go by a calendar. So when they come, you respond. As employers, we rely on these folks to keep us safe and healthy and to support the entire world in security,” said Turnbo. “It's a little selfish of us to say uh, no, we've got to think about ourselves and our business first.”
While overseas in Poland, Howell and the rest of his team provided medical services involving COVID-19 to residents there.
Dr. Kyle Turnbo is a director for Paducah Bank.

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By: Morgan Reagle, Mike Spissinger.