Paducah Bank Community Board Elects Officers

Two officers have been chosen for Paducah Bank’s newly formed Community Board.
Photo of Community Board officers
Matt Snow will serve as Chair and Whitney Cruse will serve as Vice Chair. The officers will serve for a two-year term. In addition, Tara Sawvel has agreed to serve as the Board Secretary.  
Additional Community Board members include Katie Englert, Cory Hicks, Nick Morris and George Wilson.
Board members are nominated by bank employees and approved by the Paducah Bank Board of Directors. The Board will meet four times a year, and members will serve a two-year term.
“We are extremely proud of our seven decades of fostering meaningful relationships, and we are even more optimistic about what the future holds for our company, clients and communities,” says Paducah Bank president Mardie Herndon. “This impressive group of leaders will have a meaningful impact upon the success of our company.  There is no doubt that our best days are in front of us and the Community Board will provide an empowering transition point for our institution… WOW!”
The Board meets regularly with Bank leadership to discuss community concerns, give insight into customer service at the bank, help identify potential growth and relationships, and to identify opportunities for the bank to improve the local economy and serve the community.