Paducah Bank Announces New Enhanced Account Protection


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Communication is key when it comes to changes or developments with any of your accounts. Paducah Bank now has a number of ways to improve communications and protections for your accounts with Enhanced Account Protection alerts. Some of these enhancements are currently available and others are being added later in February.

At present, you can benefit from account alerts via online banking, which include transaction alerts (balance and transaction alerts sent via email), security alerts (password change, email change, login, or failed login), and bill pay alerts (payee added or deleted, payment scheduled, payment processed). Alerts can be configured through Paducah Bank’s mobile app or the desktop version of online banking.

In early March of 2017, Paducah Bank will be adding enhanced protection via online banking, which will monitor your online activity and alert you of any unusual banking activities. No action will be needed by the account holder. Your account will be automatically enrolled.

Other additions are for card management via Paducah Bank’s mobile app or desktop version of online banking. This allows card holders to turn off or on a debit card in real time.

You can also setup Visa Purchase Alerts to notify you of certain types of debit card activity. These can be selected by you and are now available at These alerts can be sent by email or SMS text.

Your debit card is also protected by 24/7 purchase monitoring and a zero fraud liability guarantee.

If you have questions about any of these new enhancements, contact any customer service representative at any of our locations. The integrity and protection of your Paducah Bank accounts is our ultimate goal.