Paducah Bank Announces Digital Banking Enhancements


Paducah Bank is implementing a number of new digital enhancements to its online banking services. “We realize that our customers are on the go, and we have to go with them to provide up-to-the-minute access to their financial accounts and services,” said Mardie Herndon, President of Paducah Bank. “We have excellent relationships with our local partner, CSI, to provide these innovative enhancements so that our mobile services are effective and efficient for our customers.”

Some of the improvements include upgrades to the messaging system. Customers can now send and receive secure messages via the Paducah Bank mobile banking app. In the app, there will be a new menu item called “Messages.” Customers may also submit forms or attachments through this secure and convenient location.

“Text Message Registration” can manage mobile phone numbers for text message banking alerts through the “Settings” menu. Users will also be able to update an email address for all or some security alerts in one easy-to-find location. This functionality is found in the “Change Contact Info” section of the “Settings” menu.

Customers will now be able to access additional account details, including their full account number and routing number, when viewing account activity. Loan accounts will also display a running balance in the “Activity” tab.  In addition, eStatement viewing can be accessed in the “Documents” menu.

“We hope that these additional elements of mobile banking will make access to our Paducah Bank customers’ accounts even more easy and efficient,” Herndon added. “We are continually looking for innovative ways to take advantage of the technology at our disposal for the benefit of our valued clients.”