Paducah Bank 2017-18 Teen Ambassadors


Paducah Bank taps into the future by asking a group of bright young students for their view on banking and finance in the 21st century.

Our new network of teens will work alongside our financial professionals at the bank on real-life project strategies for marketing the bank’s products and ideas to young people. They get the opportunity to literally be a part of our banking team and to bring your personal creativity to our brainstorming sessions.

We’re also providing a host of incentives for them to help us tell the Paducah Bank story. They get cash rewards when they participate in any number of ways that will help to spread the WOW word in their world! Some ways to participate include: using Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; wearing Paducah Bank tees to events; attending and participating in Ambassador events; and networking.

We know that they are building a resume for college and looking for opportunities to be a part of something outside of classrooms and clubs. The Paducah Bank Teen Ambassadors will give them a chance to work in a banking environment and learn from financial and marketing professionals about careers that might interest you after college and into their “tomorrow.”

"It's a win-win for all us," says Mardie Herndon, President of Paducah Bank.  "The Teen Ambassadors are receiving real world experience, and the bank is receiving feedback as to what this generation is interested in doing as far as their financial capability."

Thirty-three students, representing six school districts, have been selected for the 2017-18 Class (student, grade, high school):

Anna Adreon, 10, MCHS

Katie Adreon, 11, MCHS

Bailey Akin, 11, MCHS

Kolbie Baird, 12, PTHS

Kalynn Campbell, 12, Livingston Central

Keyshun Curry, 11, PTHS

Sydney Davenport, 9, MCHS

Grace Denton, 11, PTHS

Carson England, 10, MCHS

Sarah Englert, 12, MCHS

DeRon Garrett, 10, MCHS

Madison Giltner, 10, Massac County

Morgan Guess, 9, MCHS

Abby Hatton, 10,  St. Mary

Elise Jez, 12, MCHS

Wyatt LaPradd, 11, Ballard County

Martha McHaney, 11, MCHS

Megan Morrow, 12, St. Mary

Jackson Mundy, 10, PTHS

Jasee Nichols, 11, MCHS

Abby Reames, 12, MCHS

Rachel Roberts, 10, MCHS

Autumn Rodgers, 11, MCHS

Charli Siener, 9, MCHS

Lara Shannon, 12, PTHS

Dyllan Simmons, 12, MCHS

Rhett Sutton, 12, St. Mary

Katy Taylor, 9, MCHS

Morgan Thompson, 11, MCHS

Clayton Turnbo, 12, MCHS

Rebekka Walker, 11, MCHS

Mary-Kate Via, 11, PTHS

Valentino Williams, 10, MCHS