It's Easy to Schedule an Appointment!


Online scheduling is a great way to take care of  business any time of the day! The online scheduling feature offers the option to meet with a CSR (Customer Service Representative), a Lender, or a member of our Trust Department. Other options include branch location, reason for the appointment, date, and time. If you need to come into a branch and meet with us for one of the reasons below, save yourself a phone call and schedule online! The “Schedule An Appointment” icon is located at the bottom of every page under the “Visit our Facebook Page” icon. Click HERE to make an appointment now!

The following are appointment types available for online scheduling:

Commercial/Industrial/Developmental Loans

Trustee Services

Executor Services-Trust

Trust Services Information

Open a New Account

Personal Loan

Issue a Debit Card/Change a PIN Number

Vehicle Loan

Close an Account

Signature Card Revision

Account Name Change or Address

Report Fraudulent Activity

Small Business Loan

Mortgage Loan

Discuss a Current Loan

Credit Counseling