Introducing a new Certificate of Deposit with Three Times the Power!


Now you may choose from three terms for investment in our new WOW!3 CD!

Image of Paducah Bank WOW Cubed CD Flyer
In a world of uncertainty, the great thing about CDs is their predictability. At Paducah Bank, you get to choose exactly how long your money will be invested, and you know exactly what the interest rate will be. All this certainty makes it a whole lot easier to plan your financial future.
With our new Certificate of Deposit we are giving you three great reasons to invest now!
* You may bump up your rate once during the term.
* You may withdraw up to half the CD balance once without penalty.
* Or you may add to your CD in $1,000 increments.
Our WOW!3 (Cubed) Certificate of Deposit has an 11-month, 20 month, or 32-month term and requires $5,000 to open.

Give us a call at 270.575.5700 to set up your CD today!