Helen Sims continues the entrepreneurial legacy left by her mother


In honor of Women’s History Month 2019, Paducah Bank is lifting up local women who are crafting their own personal history in our community.

Helen Sims comes from strong stock. Her mother was the primary provider for a family of eight and became an entrepreneur in 1953, long before it was acceptable for women to work outside the home, much less own and operate a business. Helen learned early that taking responsibility of her own life was the key to a successful future. She has proven that point beyond any doubt. 

Helen is the CEO and primary shareholder of Superior Care Home, Paducah’s only Five Star Quality Rated nursing home, ranking in the top 9% of long-term care facilities in the United States. Superior Care Home was named the Facility of the Year in Kentucky in 2006 and last year received three top awards for outstanding commitment to quality care from the Kentucky Association of Healthcare Facilities. Superior Care Home received Best of Kentucky-Nursing & Rehabilitation, Best Public Relations/Community Event Award and Best Director of Nursing.

In 2014, Helen and her team opened a state-of-the-art facility that has ushered in a new generation of rehabilitation and senior care to the western Kentucky region. The 72,000-square-foot building represents a $15 million investment, continuing the legacy of Helen’s mother, Mary Ellen Thompson. A savvy businesswoman ahead of her time, Mary Ellen was an entrepreneur with vision humanized by compassion when she opened the original nursing home facility nearly 45 years ago.

“There are three reasons I do what I do, and there is no number one,” says Helen Sims. “They are all equally important. I do it for my employees, my residents, and my community.”

Helen, her family, and her staff, believe in being involved and giving back to a community that has been supportive of them. They think involvement is key to truly understanding how the community works, what concerns might exist, and where their business fits into the community.  Helen has served in many ways in the Paducah community from serving as Chairman of the Board of the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce to her long-standing work with the St. Mary School System.  In 2015 Helen was named the Paducah Chamber’s Distinguished Citizen of the Year. 

Helen says her priority is to continue the legacy left by her mother. Helen’s  mantra, imparted early in life by her mother, is, “When you give, you gather.” When that philosophy is combined with the vision and compassion of Helen Sims and her family, it bodes well for the community, Superior Care employees, and the facility’s beloved residents.