Gayle Martin To Run The Boston Marathon





Gayle Martin, Financial Advisor at Paducah Financial Consultants, inside Paducah Bank, knows what it takes to make long distance plans for her clients as they look to their future financial goals. Now Gayle is making plans to go long distance at the prestigious Boston Marathon in 2019.

Gayle has been running for almost a decade. “I decided to run my first half marathon when I turned 40,” she explains. “After that I stopped running for a few years. When we relocated to Paducah, I joined the Iron Mom training group and have been running ever since. I ran the first year of the Paducah Iron Mom Half Marathon.”

Gayle has always enjoyed aerobics and cardio exercise. Once she started jogging and enjoying it, she realized that the endorphin release and stress relief kept her encouraged and inspired. “It’s a great way to relax and take in nature on the trails, streets, and neighborhoods,” Gayle adds. “It’s particularly enjoyable now in Paducah during the spring blooms.”

Gayle completed her first half marathon in Evansville, IN. Since then she’s run maybe 15 half marathons and two full marathons. “My first full marathon was St. Jude. Tom Clayton, who also works at Paducah Bank, convinced me I could do it and helped me train.”

“I ran a trail marathon in Washington State with my friend Brenda Lindenberg,” Gayle adds. “She’s an amazing athlete and runner and has run hundreds of races. We trained together and she helped me with my speed and endurance. That was my qualifying race for the Boston Marathon. Brenda convinced me to try and quality and I’m grateful to her for that.”

Since her arrival in Paducah Gayle has been running with a committed group of women known as the 5@5 runners. “These women are all such great athletes and have been such an inspiration to me. Through their coaching and support, my running has continued to improve. I’ve also run with the West Kentucky Running Club and some from the Paducah Area Running Club. Paducah is blessed to have so many runners, with experience that are always willing to help train and coach.”

As Gayle prepared for the biggest run of her life, she reflected on how her training for such a challenge relates to her daily consultation with financial clients. “As I prepared for Boston, over the five months of training, I had a strategy to increase strength and distance,” Gayle explains. “Much like many of my clients who set long term goals to achieve a particular financial solution, I too was working step by step to achieve my final goal. I think my ability to successfully work the marathon training program helps me better relate to my clients and the possible challenges and difficulties that arise. Not every run goes as planned. You have to adjust and move forward. That’s just like life that affects many clients as they work to reach their financial goals.”