Faye Pittman Retires after 43 Years!


Faye Pittman, senior vice president/senior profitability officer, retires from Paducah Bank today after 43 years.

 “I feel like I grew up at Paducah Bank. The bank has been my second family,” said Pittman.  “We were the smallest bank in town when I started, and now we have the largest market share.  It’s been an amazing journey, and I’m proud to have been a part of this winning team.”

 The bank hosted a reception today for Pittman at its Main Office. 

“Many individuals measure tenure with an organization by the number of years,” said Paducah Bank President Mardie Herndon.  “We celebrate Faye’s tenure by the measure of decades.  She has served our clients and our community for more than 42 years while exceptionally representing the brand and character of our company.  Faye embodies the commitment and loyalty from which our Paducah Bank clients benefit daily. Our company is most appreciative for all that Faye has contributed, not only to make our organization exceptional, but for what she has personally meant to each of us. We wish Faye the very best, and to her family, we say ‘thank you’ for sharing her with our company and clients for the past four decades.  We have been blessed.”

We asked Faye to share some facts/memories from her 43 years as a Paducah Banker:

What was your first job?:  Proof Operator

How many branches did we have?:  3 – Mid City, Reidland, and Southside.  Lone Oak and West Park/Strawberry Hill opened later.

How many times have you switched offices?:  Only 6.

In how many locations have you had an office?:  In the old building on Broadway and the current Main location, second and third floors.

Did you mostly eat in or go out to lunch?:  Eat in.

What did you most often eat for lunch?:  Half a PBJ sandwich with an apple.

What is your favorite memory?:  Wally Bateman, Tom Clayton and my husband Paul moved the bank’s walk-up ATM from a convenience store using Paul’s pick-up and trailer.  Wally thought it would be a quick and easy job they could do during lunch with a pickup truck.  It was a little heavier than expected. It looked like they were stealing it and they got some strange looks.  Wally actually managed to get a passer-by to help them! 

What was the latest technology when you started?:  We used microfilm to film checks and CRTs to connect us to CSI.  No ATMs, PCs, or Internet.

What will you miss most?: My co-workers.

What’s changed the most in banking over your tenure?:  Technology.  Back in the early 1980s, the bank bought its first PC – an Apple II Plus.  I used it to build a data base for stockholder information from ancient ledger books.  And I entered information for all the bank’s lock boxes so we could automate the billing process and get reports such as available or past due boxes.  Now everyone has their own PC.

 What do you look forward to doing?:  Not getting up at 5:00 a.m.  Cooking better meals at home instead of eating out.  Reading some good historical fiction books.  Starting a regular exercise routine.  Being outside in some Spring sunshine.  Doing a little traveling.  Spending more time with friends.

Faye’s motto:  “Show up, pay attention, and never give up.”