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You might think that Xenos (Greek for “stranger”) seems like an odd choice for the name of a holistic body therapy business. But it makes perfect sense to Scottye Williams, LMT. She will explain to you that her inspiration for the name came from scripture – Hebrews 13:2. “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Scottye explains “holistic” therapy as being any therapy that does not come from a bottle. It comes from a belief in the connection between your mind and body – the idea that what’s in your mind will manifest in your body. You can make it a truly holistic experience at Xenos.

As soon as you set foot in her door, you cease to be a stranger and become a new friend. “I haven’t had a client in eleven years,” Scottye tells us. “Everyone who comes in that door is a friend. In fact, I hate the word ‘client’ and try never to use it. When someone comes to me for a massage, they are trusting me with their body. That trust builds over time and becomes a friendship.”

It’s hard not to get that friendly feeling when you step through that blue door. You’re greeted by PittyPat, an outgoing bully-breed with only three legs that Scottye and her husband rescued from a shelter. A cozy seating area, friendly conversation, and upbeat music surround you. Three distinctive yet complementary types of personal services are offered by Scottye and the two ladies she credits for helping make the whole business possible, Cosmetologist Tonjua Yopp and Barber/Stylist Robyn Turner. Your appointment may include anything from a luxurious full-body massage, a stunning nail-art manicure, rejuvenating pedicure, a cutting-edge new hair style, or a combo of all these and more! In addition, you will most likely be sent on your way with a cup of hot tea or cocoa!

Scottye Williams began her professional life with a successful career in retail marketing. But after nearly fifteen years in that line of business, she began to feel that something was missing. She was looking for something more personally fulfilling, something that would allow her to meet people and have quality interactions with them. In 2004 she heard about massage therapy classes being offered by a local massage school and decided to go for it! After graduation, she went to work for Wellsprings Day Spa in Paducah providing medical massage therapy to her clients there. However, after four and half years, the spa changed direction to a focus on dermatology, and Scottye found herself facing an uncertain future. Instead of giving up, though, she made plans to bring herself closer to a larger goal – to eventually own her own business.

“I grabbed an appointment book, rented a room, and started taking appointments,” Scottye recalls. Her clients from Wellsprings were eager to follow her wherever she went. And she went several places. “It was scary at first. This was in 2008 – a bad economic time to start a new business. I had to move around a lot but it all worked out in the end. I was very blessed.” One day she noticed a building for rent close to her home in Reidland. It was the perfect location for her needs, so she decided to move Xenos there. Around this time, Scottye partnered with Tonjua Yopp of Dragonfly Design Hair and Nails to bring another dimension to her holistic vision. Last year, their duo became a trio with the addition of Robyn Turner of Headturner Hair Design.

These three talented ladies worked together and rented their 5440 Reidland Road location for over two years until finally, one day last year, the opportunity arose for Scottye and her husband Bob to buy the building. “I love living and working in the Reidland community. It’s an area that many have begun to overlook in recent years, but I firmly believe it is worth investing in. So, I jumped at the opportunity to own property here, and I sincerely hope to see other entrepreneurs do the same.”

Scottye came to Paducah Bank and spoke with Diana Meadows about a loan. “I walked up to her and jokingly asked ‘are you going to make me a business mogul?’ Luckily, she got my sense of humor! She was very friendly and patient with me,” Scottye remembers. “It turns out that it was a much easier experience getting my commercial loan from Paducah Bank than it was when I got my home loan from one of the large, national banks.”

This purchase was the culmination of all her hard work and faith. “It’s very rare for a massage therapist to own her own building. It’s a big accomplishment and an investment in our future that I couldn’t have achieved without the help of Paducah Bank,” Scottye explains. “I’m really living the American Dream. Not only does owning my business provide me with financial security for my future, it allows me to give the gift of security to my two business partners as well. I’m able to give these exceptional business women the opportunity to live their own American Dreams.”

So next time you’re feeling stressed, drained, or need to boost your mood – head over to Reidland for a little “retail therapy”. And while you’re there, treat yourself to an uplifting, rejuvenating experience at Dragonfly Design, Headturner Design, or Xenos.

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Pictured left to right: Robyn Turner, Scottye Williams, and Tonjua Yopp


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