Donation Request Deadline December 31


Paducah Bank is accepting applications for its 2020 Community Giving Program.  The application deadline is December 31.

 “The bank moved to an annual donation process several years ago as a way to see all community needs at one time so that we can be more thoughtful in our giving  and more widely spread our donation dollars throughout the community,” said Susan Guess, senior vice president/marketing director at Paducah Bank.  “We are committed to supporting those organizations that are working so hard to improve our communities and to lend a hand to those in need.  We believe that we can be more than a bank. We can be a partner with our friends and neighbors who devote limitless time and effort to benefit others. And we will always want to be a part of that.”

 To provide a complete and thorough review of each charitable request, the bank asks each organization who wishes to solicit funding from Paducah Bank to provide details about their respective program or project. The bank reviews these applications and generally makes decisions by the end of each January. Anyone who wishes to request funding should complete and submit the electronic donation form which is available on the Paducah Bank website at may also be printed, completed, and mailed to Jordan Ludovissie, Paducah Bank, 555 Jefferson Street, Paducah, KY  42001. Questions and completed applications can be emailed to Ludovissie at [email protected]

“Through the years, Paducah Bank has substantially supported the many vital and valued projects undertaken by both charitable groups and civic institutions in the communities we serve,” said Mardie Herndon, president of Paducah Bank. “Our bank has a long history of community involvement, both from a contributory standpoint as well as a dedication to hands-on volunteer efforts. In the past decade, Paducah Bank has given more than $2 million to organizations in our community and donated over 6,000 hours of volunteer work.”