Data Breaches: What You Need to Know


In the last few weeks there have been several retail data breaches that have affected numerous debit card and credit card users.  If you used your debit card and/or credit card at a retailer who has had a data breach, your cardholder information may have been compromised.  It is important to understand that your card information may be at risk regardless of where you choose to bank or which credit card provider you use.  You have done nothing wrong and your bank or credit card provider has done nothing wrong.

To protect your personal information and to prevent fraudulent activity on your card, Paducah Bank has always taken a proactive stance by reissuing compromised cards.  Be assured that your card will not be closed until you receive a new card, which ensures you have access to your checking account through your debit card at all times.

In some cases we reduce the risk of fraudulent activity by lowering your daily spending limit.  The spending limit only applies to credit transactions where you are not using your PIN.  If you use your PIN, you can have access to your normal daily limits prior to the breach.

Paducah Bank has instant issue debit card machines at all of our locations, except our Southside Branch.  A new debit card can be issued to you the same day should you choose an immediate replacement of your card.

We do appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Paducah Bank.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 270.575.5700.