Career Opportunity: Assistant Marketing Director




The Assistant Director of Marketing directly impacts the client experience as a highly trained professional with extensive knowledge and skills to support a busy and complex organization.


#1 This position takes a leadership role in reviewing all of the Bank’s printed materials, meeting with each area of the Bank to understand their needs, making recommendations, writing copy, overseeing design, and working with printers. This position will assist with graphic design creation, writing and producing of educational videos, leading special events planning and implementation, being the liaison for the Teen Ambassadors, and providing support for the Bank's website and social media. This position will manage the work of the Marketing Department’s summer intern beginning summer, 2018 and oversee the management of the Bank’s ice cream truck program. The Director of Marketing and the President shall make decisions regarding corporate donations throughout the community, while the Assistant Director of Marketing assumes oversight of the management of the donations program, working directly with the Executive Assistant. They will also partner with the Director of Marketing to create strategy as well as a plan to support those strategies.

#2 The role calls for an individual who possesses a mastery of standard English usage and a thorough understanding of marketing communication as well as the ability to review and edit the Bank’s printed materials. This position will be expected to track and maintain communication and printed materials, inventory all mediums/platforms where communication is present, and create a calendar to ensure printed materials, onhold messages, advertising, and digital platforms are all updated regularly. Provide administrative support to the Director of Marketing and Leadership Team as appropriate to include oversight of the compliance program and promotional items.

#3 This position requires graphic arts experience to assist the Bank’s graphic artist with the creation and updating of bank collateral.



The position demands superior communication skills and a commitment to delivering error free finished products. This individual should be able to effectively convey information within and outside the Bank and work with a variety of constituents. They will work with all areas of the Bank and be able to make decisions quickly and with authority. They will be trusted to represent the Marketing Department and the Bank with professionalism and with the talents the position requires.

1. A self-starter who proactively pursues opportunities for promoting the Paducah Bank WOW brand.

2. Superior communication skills to clearly and effectively convey information. Strong listening skills.

3. Enthusiastic and friendly with a strongly positive attitude.

4. A conscientious decision maker who enjoys being a member of a team.

5. Organizational abilities to handle multiple projects at one time.

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