Card Transaction Disputes

A new Card Transaction Dispute feature in Digital Banking lets users report an issue with a transaction from within Digital Banking. 
1.    When viewing account activity, the client will select the transaction they want to be report. The Transaction Details will be displayed.
2.    The client will select Report an issue with this transaction at the bottom of the window.
Checking Transaction Screen

3.  The Transaction Dispute Form will display. The user will select Reason for Dispute to continue.

Transaction Dispute

4.    The Select a Reason Window will be displayed. Please chooses the reason matching situation of the dispute.
Select a reason

5.    You may add additional information to the dispute by filling out the last three optional fields:
a.    Did cardholder authorize, participate, or benefit from transaction?
b.    Was card in customer's possession?
c.    Users can describe or supplement their dispute using the Additional Details box.
6.    Once you are done entering the details, select Submit.
7.    The Transaction Dispute Submitted window will be displayed. A copy of the dispute will be added to your messages.
8. Once the item has been resolved by a bank employee, the Transaction Dispute message will update to show the new status:
unread message screen