Bill Ford Coloring Book Funds Mural Maintenance


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Paducah Bank is happy to be a sponsor of these coloring books which are an excellent way to promote awareness of our beautiful flood wall murals. They truly are a treasure to the community and supporting their maintenance is critical for preserving our unique local history for future generations.

Bill Ford Coloring Book Funds Mural Maintenance

By West Kentucky Star Staff

PADUCAH, KY - Paducah Wall to Wall Floodwall Murals will celebrate 20 years of Dafford Murals on the city's floodwall in the coming year. What better way to commemorate two decades of art and history in downtown Paducah than with a series of coloring books!

A select subject on each panel in the three blocks of magnificent paintings has been illustrated by Paducah artist Bill Ford. Three volumes of books are being released every few months during this 20th year. Each book will include a full block of images. Proceeds support future mural maintenance.

Coloring is hot now and the timing for the release of the book is absolutely perfect. Ford is Greg Dunker's guest on AM 570 and FM 94.3 Monday morning and will be talking about the project. The Color PADUCAH Wall to Wall books will be delivered to retailers on Friday, Dec. 18th and Bill Ford will be autographing the book at the following locations:

Saturday, Dec. 19th-River Discovery Center 10 am-Noon

Saturday, Dec. 19th-Hank Brothers Hardware (South Side)  2-4 pm

Sunday, Dec. 20th-Etcetera Coffee Shop in LowerTown 10:30 am-Noon

Sunday, Dec. 20th-MidTown Market 1-3 pm

Monday, Dec. 21st-Montgomery Gardens 11 am-1 pm

Monday, Dec. 21st-Roof Brothers (Park Ave.) 3-5 pm

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd-Coke Plant Rotunda 5-7 pm

The following locations will be selling the Color PADUCAH Wall to Wall books:

Ephemera, Etcetera in LowerTown, Courtyard Antiques, Yeiser Art Center Gift Shop, National Quilt Museum Gift Shop, Roof Brothers on Park Ave., Learning Railroad, Market House Museum, River Discovery Center, MAKE, Montgomery Gardens, Baptist Health Gift Shop, Davis Drugs in Lourdes, Davis Drugs, Hank Brothers South Side and Lone Oak, Wagner Wine & Spirits, Mid Town Market, The Grey Hare, Simply B, Relics and Bricolage.

Robert Dafford first visited Paducah in 1995 and fell in love with the people and rich history in this western Kentucky community. As a UNESCO Creative City, Paducah embraces its past and future via artful floodwall images, 24/7 bigger than life outdoor public art. This first book celebrates the first block of Dafford Floodwall murals.