Applications Open for 2019-2020 Paducah Bank Teen Ambassadors

Paducah Bank is once again seeking influential teens to represent Paducah Bank in 2019/2020 as official Teen Ambassadors. The program was created four years ago in order to better understand the opinions and outlook of high school students with regard to banking and personal finance and to provide financial literacy training for the selected group of Ambassadors.
“Our network of teen ambassadors work alongside our professionals at the bank on real-life projects that support the marketing and development of the bank’s emerging client segment,” said Paducah Bank President Mardie Herndon. “They have the opportunity to be a part of our team and to bring their personal creativity to our expanding organization.”
The program also provides prospective ambassadors the ability to build more complete resumes for college applications and future academic and career opportunities. Students represent the bank on social media, at school, and at events in the community. To be considered for the Teen Ambassador program, students must be in high school, attend an orientation, have social media accounts with Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook and be willing to participate in social media messaging.
“Last year our Teen Ambassadors represented nine high schools in the region,” said Susan Guess, Vice President of Marketing. “We believe the program does more than teach marketing and banking to these energetic, optimistic young people. It allows them the opportunity to get to know teens from around the community and from various backgrounds, schools, and interests. I have seen these groups form a strong, cohesive team. And I have witnessed their individual growth and maturity in the span of a single school year when we are working together on projects and special events.
“It was really great to see them form new friendships and find ways to support each other not only as a unit as Ambassadors, but also outside our program as they found themselves volunteering and working together on activities unique to specific schools and/or student members.”
The most recent Ambassadors contributed to a kindness mural this spring with the help of MAKE owner Kijsa Housman. The group plans to host a ribbon cutting this year to celebrate their commitment to building kinder schools and communities.
To apply for Paducah Bank’s Teen Ambassador program, visit A link is available on the homepage. Applications must be submitted by close of business on September 2.