2019-2020 Paducah Bank Teen Ambassadors

2019-20 Paducah Bank Teen Ambassadors
Paducah Bank taps into the future by asking a group of bright young students for their view on banking and finance in the 21st century.

Our new network of teens will work alongside our financial professionals at the bank on real-life project strategies for marketing the bank’s products and ideas to young people. They get the opportunity to literally be a part of our bank marketing team.  They will post preapproved graphics to their social channels, participate in social videos, and community projects.  They will work under the direction of Susan Guess, senior vice president of marketing.

We will partner them with teens from our Alumni Board to serve as mentors and they will hear from speakers about the responsibility of social media, mindfulness, along with financial literacy.  They will also be a part of enhancing the Kindness Mural at MAKE.
We know they are building a resume for college and looking for opportunities to be a part of something outside of classrooms and clubs. The Paducah Bank Teen Ambassadors will give them a chance to work in a banking environment and learn from financial and marketing professionals about careers that might interest you after college and into their “tomorrow.”
"It's a win-win for all us," says Mardie Herndon, President of Paducah Bank.  "The Teen Ambassadors are receiving real world experience, and the bank is receiving feedback as to what this generation is interested in doing as far as their financial capability."
Fifty students, representing 13 school districts, have been selected for the 2019-20 Class (student, high school, grade).  Students representing Louisville/Jefferson County will be added later.
Geovanna Ayala                                McCracken County High School               11
Avery Bailey                                       McCracken County High School               11
Emma Ballard                                     McCracken County High School              12
Natalie Barnhill                                   McCracken County High School              11
Carley Beatty                                      McCracken County High School              12
Olivia Bogaczyk                                  McCracken County High School              11
Claire Buchanan                                 McCracken County High School              12
Margaret Butts                                    St. Mary High School                               12
Lilli Clinard                                          Community Christian Academy                11
MacKenzie Coil                                   Marshall County High School                   12
Stevie Collins                                      McCracken County High School               10
Taylor Collins                                       Marshall County High School                   12
Katie Carruthers                                  McCracken County High School               12
Kennedy Croft                                      Livingston Central High School                11
Zyla Dortch                                          Paducah Tilghman High School                11
J.B. Eck                                                St. Mary High School                                11
Abbie Farmer                                       McCracken County High Schoo  l             11
Shioneka Farr                                      Paducah Tilghman High Schoo                12
Jayden Freeman                                  Paducah Tilghman High School               12
Emma Gilbert                                       Paducah Tilghman High School               11
Chloe Glisson                                       Ballard Memorial High School                 11
Jackson Gruber                                    McCracken County High School              11
Molly Harris                                           Ballard Memorial High School                   9
Maddy Hatton                                       St. Mary High School                                 9
Dana Hernandez                                  Paducah Tilghman High School               10
Brecken Hayden                                  McCracken County High School               12
Trinity Higgins                                      St. Mary High School                                10
Dylan Houser                                       McCracken County High School               11
Keaton Housman                                 Paducah Tilghman High School                 9
McKenzie Johnson                               Paducah Tilghman High School               12
Meah Jordan                                         Paducah Tilghman High School               12
Kindle Knight                                         Paducah Tilghman High School               11
Lanae Lawrence                                   McCracken County High School               12
Edie Little                                              Christian Fellowship School                      12
Marlee Morehead                                 McCracken County High School                12
Addison Owen                                      Graves County High School                      12
Keaton Owsley                                     McCracken County High School                12
Elijah Patrick                                         McCracken County High School                11
Hayes Parish                                        McCracken County High School                11
Landon Rudolph                                   McCracken County High School                12
Emma Kate Schaaf                              McCracken County High School                 11
Libby Shadoan                                     Paducah Tilghman High School                  11
Rachel Straub                                      McCracken County High School                  11
Callie Taylor                                         McCracken County High School                  11
Lilly Turnbo                                          McCracken County High School                  12
Alyssa Wallace                                    Marshall County High School                       12
Chloe Warford                                     McCracken County High School                   12
Bailey Watts                                        McCracken County High School                   10
Anna West                                          Paducah Tilghman High School                    11
Evan Williams                                     Graves County High School                          12
Rayleigh Wix                                      McCracken County High School                    12