2015 Swipe & Serve Applications Sought


More than 750,000 Kentuckians, or 17% of the state’s population, do not always know where their next meal will come from. Close to one in four of Kentucky’s children lack consistent access to enough food for a healthy, active lifestyle. Paducah Bank would like to change that.

“This past January we initiated a program called Swipe & Serve,” said Mardie Herndon, Paducah Bank President.  “It works like this. For every 100 signature-based transactions Paducah Bank’s personal account customers made, the bank contributed $1 to a fund to feed the hungry in this community. So every time customers swiped their debit cards for a signature-based purchase, they were supporting the need for food for families in Paducah.”

The bank’s goal was to raise approximately $7,500 each quarter which would be donated to one of four selected organizations. The organizations which benefited from the 2014 program were the Community Kitchen, Paducah Cooperative Ministry, River City Mission and the 4-H Food Backpack program.

“The project was such a resounding success that we are going to extend it into 2015,” said Susan Guess, Vice President of Marketing at Paducah Bank. “In 2014 we expect to contribute more than $30,000 to these four organizations by the end of the year. We hope to achieve the same level of giving in 2015 when we select four more food service projects to work with.”

So once again the bank is asking those who would like to participate to send in a profile of their organization so that Paducah Bank can choose four local groups to be part of the Swipe & Service program. Those organizations participating in 2014 are eligible to reapply. Applications for selection should be sent to Susan Guess at [email protected] by Wednesday, October 15.