Paducah Bank brings a little happiness with every stop of our WOW! Wagon.

UPDATED SCHEDULE: The Ice Cream Truck opens June 1st!  We will start taking WOW! Wagon requests May 1st, so please come back then!  

Our WOW! Wagon rolls in with a ton of fun and ice cream.

It has been on the road for more than a decade and has given away nearly $100,000 of free ice cream! WOW! If you want to request a visit from the Paducah Bank WOW! Wagon, please complete the form below.

Because of the large number of requests, our WOW! Wagon only stops for visits with customer organization. 

The WOW! Wagon is staffed by Paducah Bank volunteers, so keep in mind that evening and weekend visits may be limited by our volunteers’ availability.  We also ask that you limit our visit to no more than one hour.


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