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WOW! Infoline

Paducah Bank’s WOW! InfoLine is the quick and simple way to get information on all your bank accounts anytime of the day or night. By simply using a touch-tone phone, you have around-the-clock access to your account information.

If you would like more information on our WOW! InfoLine service, please feel free to stop by any of our Banking Centers, or call us at 270.575.5700.

WOW! InfoLine Features
Checking Account Balances
Last six checks paid
Last six deposits made
Last six electronic withdrawals
Plus more…

CD Balances
Most recent interest
Previous year’s interest
Next maturity date and more…

Savings Account Balances
Last six deposits
Last four withdrawals
Last six electronic withdrawals
Interest paid and more…

Loan Balances
Last payment amount and date
Next payment amount and date

What is a PIN?

What is a PIN?
A Personal Identification Number (PIN) will allow you access to all your Paducah Bank accounts. For security purposes you are required to change your PIN the first time you access your account. We recommend that you maintain the confidentiality of your PIN and change it regularly. It should be memorized rather than written down.

How do I change my PIN?
To change your PIN, follow the menu options to make a balance inquiry on any account. After receiving the balance information, listen to the menu options and choose Option #6 to change your PIN.

How do I access WOW! InfoLine?
From any touch-tone phone, dial 575.6677
Out of town: 1.800.575.4533