Career Opportunity: Universal Banker


Act as the point of sales and service for the delivery of bank products and services. Provide customer with personal attention and service.


1. Provide a full range of banking services to customers, with emphasis on customer service and financial counseling. Provide customers with information on deposit accounts, rates, service charges, restrictions and other relevant information.

2. Ensure complete and efficient customer service by answering customer questions and resolving customer complaints and inquiries regarding a variety of issues and requests related to account balances, monthly statements, check holds and overdrafts.

3. Receive and pay out monies, and maintain accurate records of all transactions.

4. Approve the cashing of checks and withdrawal of funds from accounts.

5. Accept checking and savings deposits and withdrawals, accepts loan, credit card and utility payments and issues money orders, cashiers’ and travelers’ checks and redeems savings bonds.

6. Maintain prescribed security controls to protect the bank against criminal and fraudulent operations and unnecessary risk or exposure.

7. Prepare daily settlements of teller cash transactions.

8. Keep informed of changes in bank services or procedures.

9. Perform other duties as assigned.



1. A self-starter who proactively pursues building relationships with customers.

2. Superior communication skills to clearly and effectively convey information to customers. Strong listening skills.

3. Enthusiastic and friendly with a strongly positive attitude.

4. A conscientious decision maker who enjoys being a member of a team.

5. Technically proficient with the desire to be cross/trained on a variety of functions.

6. Organizational abilities to handle multiple projects at one time.

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