Paducah Bank Presents $7,900 to 4-H to Feed Paducah’s Hungry Students

4-h picture

Paducah Bank presented a check today to the 4-H Food Backpack Program for $7,900 to support the work of the organization in feeding hungry students in Paducah-McCracken County.

“In January we created a special initiative that works in a partnership with our customers and our commitment to the needs of the community,” said Mardie Herndon, Paducah Bank president. “Our Swipe and Serve project allows our customers to help us help those who are hungry in our city and county. Every time our customers use their debit cards, the bank is putting aside a contribution to one of four local organizations that help the hungry. This is our third quarterly contribution. Our first contribution was made to the River City Mission, and our second quarter contribution was made to the Community Kitchen. Our goal is to be able to provide at least $7,500 in each quarter to a deserving food organization.”

“The help that we received from Paducah Bank has made a real impact in the community,” said Robert Tashjian, the McCracken County 4-H Youth Development Agent for the University of Kentucky. “360 youth each week are able to receive food for this entire school year thanks to our generous donors along with Paducah Bank. Not only did they provide monetary help, they also provided much needed manual labor to fill backpacks since the beginning of the new school year.”

“Our next cycle begins now,” said Susan Guess, senior vice president of marketing. “Next quarter we plan to make a contribution to Paducah Cooperative Ministries. We hope everyone will keep up the good work so that we can continue to provide another strong donation to another deserving organization.”

“This is a testament to the people who make Paducah Bank the kind of caring community bank that we can all be very proud of,” added Herndon.

“The project was such a resounding success that we are going to extend it into 2015,” said Guess. “In 2014 we expect to contribute more than $30,000 to these four organizations. We hope to achieve the same level of giving in 2015 when we select four more food service projects to work with.”

So once again the bank is asking those who would like to participate to send in a profile of their organization so that Paducah Bank can choose four local groups to be a part of the Swipe and Serve program. Those organizations participating in 2014 are eligible to reapply. Applications for selection should be sent to Susan Guess at by Wednesday, October 15.