Paducah Bank Partners With Paducah Police Department To Offer Child Identification Kits


 police pic

Paducah Bank has partnered with the Paducah Police Department to help protect our future by providing child identification kits to families with children.

Paducah Bank President and COO Mardie Herndon presented a check Wednesday to Police Chief Brandon Barnhill for $1,000, approximately half the cost of the child identification kits ordered from KidStar Safety.

“This partnership allows us to maintain our focus on the safety of the children of our community as priority number one,” Chief Barnhill said.

“Supporting this effort is extremely meaningful,” bank president Herndon said. “A safe community for our children provides a foundation of confidence to us all.  Paducah Bank is proud to support the acquisition and distribution of these kits to families within our community.

The kits include spots for emergency telephone numbers, medical consent authorization, dental records, growth records, a current photograph and the child’s fingerprints.  It also includes a swab for the parent or guardian to collect a DNA sample from the child.

The kits are like those passed out by Paducah police officers several years ago.

“With these kits, we can assure that, in the unfortunate event of a child missing, we have the information and other identifiers available to us in a timely fashion,” Chief Barnhill said.

The kits should be received in a few weeks and will be available at Paducah Bank locations and at the Paducah Police Department.