Paducah Bank Offers New Online Home Mortgage Link

Paducah Bank has announced a new online home mortgage link, located on the Paducah Bank website.   The link will allow mortgage loan customers to investigate home loan rates and information, as well as complete the loan application via the online site. The online service will also provide Rate Watch to alert the customer to mortgage rate changes.

“This new online platform enables Paducah Bank’s loan officers to concentrate their efforts on helping borrowers determine the ideal mortgage program to fit their needs, rather than the time-consuming process of completing applications and other preliminary mortgage application steps,” said Paducah Bank President Mardie Herndon. “This new online ability will help us make our mortgage process more efficient. When an application is received, it is sent directly into our loan origination system, therefore the loan officer doesn’t need to reenter the information. Instead, they can concentrate on the consultative process to help borrowers choose the loan that is best for them. We are very excited about this new service for our mortgage loan customers. We know that everyone wants greater convenience when it comes to managing their finances. We understand this need, which is why we are pleased to offer this innovative and user-friendly way to look for the ideal mortgage at Paducah Bank. ”