Paducah Bank Announces “Proud Moment” Contest

“We often say we’re proud to be Paducah’s bank,” comments Susan Guess, Vice President of Marketing. “Now we’d like to ask members of the community what they have done on an individual basis that they take pride in and that has had an impact on the community at large.”

Paducah Bank is asking people to submit an essay of 250 words or less about a way they have given back to the community that would make us all proud. “We will review all the essays that come in by the December 1 deadline. We will then choose one person for our Proud Moment award. We will contribute $500 to the charity of that person’s choosing,” Guess added.

Paducah Bank began their Proud Campaign this past January with a four-minute video highlighting members of the Chamber of Commerce at the organization’s annual meeting. “We had so much great feedback with regard to our video presentation that concentrated on both the beauty and uniqueness of our community and those who help to sustain both of those attributes, that we decided to continue with ‘What have you done to make you feel proud’ as a year-long campaign,” Guess said.

The bank has just released a new promotional “wrap” for one of the city’s PATS buses. “We asked the question on the side of our new bus, ‘What have you done to make you feel proud?’ We hope that people will not only send us their past efforts, but will be motivated and encouraged to think about the possibilities that surround us every day to give in some way to this great community.”

Essays for the Proud Moment award should be sent to Susan Guess at by December 1, 2010.

For More Information contact Susan Guess – 270.575.5723